Regulations for visitors

Individual and group visiting of the Observatory (OAKJ)

From 1’st April 2016 it is possible to visit the Observatory after agreeing about the date and conditions of your visit with the owners (it is best to send an e-mail to or eventually call: +48 515-792-958).

All individuals as well as organised groups are very welcome to contribute their service to OAKJ.

The Observatory is a private property. It is a place of particular significance and character to the people both living here as well as prominent guests and visitors and so it is appropriate to behave with dignity.

We kindly request to follow the regulations listed below.

The Owners

 The list of regulations:

  1. Parking your car and driving in the area surrounding the Observatory is forbidden, unless the consent from the owners has been granted. A free parking area is available just next to the road, about 100m before the Observatory. The parking spaces next to the Observatory buildings are reserved for the owners of the Observatory, their family and their special guests.
  2. In the area of the Observatory, the access roads and paths the following behaviors are not appropriate and forbidden: destruction, starting bonfires, smoking, leaving trash behind, making noise, using lights (ie. car lights, flashlights), creating danger for people and any technical equipment.
  3. When contacting the owners and temporary residents of the Observatory it is appropriate to behave kindly and without manifestation of any sort of claims.
  4. The freedom of movement in the Observatory area is limited by the standards of savoir vivre on someone’s private property. It is not appropriate to do the following without consent: look trough the windows, try to walk into the observatory domes, to approach any technical instruments (wherever they might be installed) and any important household equipment. In particular it is categorically prohibited to climb the antennas and the observation tower.
  5. Entering the observatory domes, the main building and the rooms of the Observatory is only allowed with the explicit consent from the owners.
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